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Fonts Which You Should Try When You Are Using Free Online Logo Maker and Download

Fonts Which You Should Try When You Are Using Free Online Logo Maker and Download

Have you ever thought about famous brands? The moment someone mentions a Mercedes brand car, your thoughts are driven to the symbol which represents the company. The logos which have gained much popularity have also maintained simplicity. A logo should be the first thing people see when they think about your company. Sometimes using a logo may help people find your brand. There are two types of logo, symbols and words. Let us look at word logos and the fonts which you should try to blend in with.

The Bodoni Font

Professionalism requires you to use beautiful logos which should not only attract people but must be not exaggerated with color and curves. Bodoni combines both thin and thick strokes making it look more formal than other fonts. The bottom is flat and the geometrics used will be suitable for logo headlines. Definitely a must try when using free online logo maker and download.

  1. The Zorus Serif Font

There is the original Serif and they are the Zorus Serif. If you want a logo which fits in a vintage look, it is a good choice. The letters are shaped to give your logo an old-fashioned look. You can use it for whichever reason or purpose you want whether formal or informal.

  1. The Sabo Font

Do you remember the old school video games you used to play back then? Well, Sabo has borrowed the idea and you can design your logos using the font which was used to create video games. The structure of the font can bring back old memories. Technological companies should consider the font. It is good representation of where technology began.

  1. Futura

Futura is one of the highly loved fonts and has been used in many successful brands’ logos. The letters come with unique geometric shapes that bring an eye-catching logo. Some of the big brands include Swissair and FedEx. They are perfect for any company looking forward to create a recognizable brand with unconventional character.


When using the free online maker and download tools, it is good to try some of the professional vintage fonts. Some of them are meant for formal business, others for design and others for goofy logos. Check closely and read about many other fonts to see what suits your business.


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